Here you find a small selection of my various construction projects. You will find for descriptions, construction drawings and pictures.


Shirin Gol Kindergarten Building at the Women Incarceration Facility in Kabul, Afghanistan

At the womens' prison in Kabul the Austrian Contingent financed and constructed a kindergarten building for inmates' children.

Police Barracks in Kabul, Afghanistan

Construction projects under wartime conditions are plagued by logistical, personnel and scheduling challenges. These police barracks were refurbished in the postwar Afghanistan.

Water Wells at the Afghan Town of Tangi

Responsible military presence in an area does not stop at military security tasks. The technical and financial capabilities of an international operation must also be used to improve the living conditions of the local population. In Tangi we turned water holes into wells to increase hygiene and efficiency in the rudimentary water supply of the township.

Military Medical Center, Golan Heights

For over 30 years the UN-forces have been stationed on the Golan Heights. The doctors and medical staff not only treat the soldiers deployed to the mission, but also local casualties are treated as part of the UN humanitarian tasks. To allow modern and professional treatment UNDOF constructed a new medical center in Camp Faouar.

RADOME - Radio Communication Station on Mount Hermon

Modernizing the communication facilities in UNDOF had highest priority. A "communications dish", a so-called RADOME, had to be constructed at an altitude of 2.800 m. We overcame the difficult logistical challenges that com with construction "close to heaven".

Shelter Facility in Camp Faouar, Syria

Military missions abroad always stress the safety of the deployed troops above the mission objective. To be equipped for the worst-case scenario shelter facilities have to be constructed. These concrete buildings are covered with impact absorbing rocks held in metal cages. For increased comfort they are constructed with sanitary facilities, built-in communication technology and actually are quite comfortable accommodations.

(C) 2007 Ing. Roman Zaller