Shelter Facility in Camp Faouar, Syria

Military missions abroad always stress the safety of the deployed troops above the mission objective. To be equipped for the worst-case scenario shelter facilities have to be constructed. These concrete buildings are covered with impact absorbing rocks held in metal cages. For increased comfort they are constructed with sanitary facilities, built-in communication technology and actually are quite comfortable accommodations.


Fact Sheet

Name: AUSBATT Shelter
Location: Camp Faouar, Golan Heights
Purpose: Emergency shelter and protection of troops
Number of occupants: 30
Project and monitoring: FCEO Section UNDOF
Start of construction: 8 June 04
Completion of construction: 2 Nov. 04
Construction company: Ibrahim Al Zaied Damascus


Foundation Steel elements Reinforcement Concrete shell Water proofing

Completed shelter
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(C) 2007 Ing. Roman Zaller