About me

The life of every person is composed of multiple pillars formed by the life they have lived and are inter-linked and supplement each other.
My name is Roman Zaller, I was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1966.When I was drafted in the Austrian Armed Forces, I decided to be a real solder and I volunteered for the Special Forces Unit "Jagdkommando", the toughest and most demanding unit in the Austrian Army. There I learned the meaning of determination, self sacrifice and standing up for ones fellow soldiers. The arduous training at Jagdkommando taught me close combat, military tactics and the most important aspects of security.

In 1987 I was promoted to Non-Commissioned Officer.
After learning so much about myself and how to push my limits I decided to move on with my civilian education. Never one to take the easy path, I attended a five-year educational program for construction engineering in addition to my day job at the Austrian Army. During this time I learned the trade as an engineer as well as how to manage large teams of construction workers, draughtsmen and assistants. My military training in leadership was very helpful in this challenge.

In 1997 I completed my education in construction engineering.
After completing my studies I began to look for new opportunities within the army system. The intent was clear in my mind. I wanted to take over leadership responsibilities as a commissioned offiver. Aiming at the goal I commenced officer's training to become a logistics officer and to learn the related topics of organization, logistic necessities and communication. In 1999 I got promoted to officer's rank, upon which I went on to serve as an engineering officer in war-torn Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East.

List of missions:

1986 - UNDOF, Middle East, Syria

1998 - UNDOF, Middle East, Syria

2002 - ISAF, Afghanistan

2004 - UNDOF, Middle East, Syria


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